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Windows 8.1 6.3.9600.16384

Windows 8.1 6.3.9600.16384 Free Download

free download

Customize your OS and organize your apps in categories as you want


Windows 8.1 is a new official and customizable update from Microsoft, provided to its users who have been notified on their Windows Store. This time around the giant Microsoft wants to recover its image due to the last operating system having been heavily criticized by users. Because of this it has decided to run a new modification instead of waiting the typical three years for launching a new OS, by offering a new redesigned update which you are able to download and use in touch-enabled devices.

The best thing about it is the re-inclusion of the Start button, which was one of the most criticized changes in the last version.

It stands out by giving you the capability of customizing and personalizing your desktop. In addition, this new download includes some new features related to the usability and management of applications by users according to their preferences. You can customize them to improve your productivity. The best thing is the re-inclusion of the Start button. Its removal was one of the most criticized changes in the last version, and so the company decided to restore it. Moreover, you can resize your tiles, organize your apps by categories, or improve its multitasking service.

The new API Windows 8.1 incorporates uses JavaScript and HTML5, which insures that the applications are more accessible to everybody. It also includes a multiplatform programming language which gives the possibility to every user of adapting this update to its language. In general, we can conclude by saying that Windows 8.1 is a very good choice to Windows 8 users, but it’s a bit complicated to get used to, at least at the start.

Customizable: personalize it according to your preferences

Windows 8.1 is destined mainly to be configured to your specific needs, and to be adapted to touchscreens and tablets. You can decide how the tiles and the icons are going to be placed, or whether want to mainly use your keyboard or the mouse for working more comfortably. A quite interesting service is that if you want to include any app from the Windows Store onto your screen, you just have to take it and drop it wherever you want. The main intention of Microsoft with this modification is to allow users to decide for themselves how they want to have their OS organized.

You will have access to your searches automatically from your own desktop, thanks to the new search system it includes. It’s made possible through a new preview option, in which you can see the results in the main interface while you are doing other tasks. Windows 8.1 gives you the possibility of having access directly to the free built-in SkyDrive option, the well-known cloud service provided by Microsoft, which is used for file management and for saving, and instant sharing of files.

Apart from these novelties, when you get Windows 8.1 it will automatically include the new Internet Explorer 11, which is quite a bit faster than before and boasts a smooth performance in comparison with previous versions—and it’s created especially for tablet devices. It also includes a taskbar that is located on the home screen, and provides quite fast navigation.

The unique problem we should advise you of is that you have to be sure that you really need and want it, because once you have downloaded it you can’t reinstall the previous OS, Windows 8. In any case, we recommend that you create a back-up before starting the installation, and save all your information in other devices to avoid any problems related to loss of information.

Windows 8.1 6.3.9600.16384 Features

Windows 8.1 includes the features detailed below:

  • Possibility of configuring the icons that are placed on the Start screen
  • The apps are categorized into different groups such as Food and Drink, Movie Moments, Health and Fitness, Fresh Paint, Alarms, SmartGlass and Recorder, among others Multi-tasking option
  • New design for Windows Store
  • Internet Explorer 11 is included
  • Improved and redesigned search system
  • New and more customizable interface that can be adapted to each individual’s needs and preferences

If you want to read more about this new modification, feel free to do so here on the developer’s website

System requirements

If you want to get Windows 8.1 in your computer, we recommend that you check its system requirements before doing so:

  • CPU: 1 GHz or compatible
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • DirectX9 is compatible
  • Screen resolution: 1024x768
  • HDD: 16 GB of free space
  • Windows 8 has to be previously installed

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